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Loreto, a Magical Town Nestled in Nature

In the heart of the Baja California península, you can find a Magical Town embraced by mountains and sea.


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In the heart of the Californian peninsula, Mother Nature created a true work of art: an ocher landscape dotted with colorful green cacti guarded by the Sierra de la Giganta mountains and the Gulf of California. Called Loreto, this Magical Town is for those who want it all in one place.

In search of that primal beauty, which is evident at first sight, travelers arrive seeking a paradise of their own where they can get away from pressure and worries and embrace the simple life to the lullaby of the sounds of the sea and the desert.

A Sea of Adventures

Swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, or simply sailing among the islands of Loreto Bay—these all allow you to connect with one of Mexico’s and the world’s greatest jewels. There is a reason these islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There is only one promise. In every season there are reasons to open your eyes wide and keep them fixed on the water.

All-Season Destination

While summer is vacation season, Loreto can be enjoyed any season of the year.

In winter, for example, from January to March, you can see magnificent blue whales, the largest animal on the planet in its natural habitat. 

In spring and summer, the sea transforms into a huge pool of calm, warm water just right for doing any activity in the water.

Precious Treasures

Loreto features the Loreto Bay National Park, and in addition to being a Natural Protected Area, its 5 islands were declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. And so, environmental awareness, especially with respect to marine life, is common among locals. They are also known for being down-to-earth and friendly.

And to the purity of that unpretentious charm is added the colonial-era beauty of the oldest settlement in all California—it all creates an especially promising setting.

Loreto is the first mission in California (1697). Established by Jesuits, it was from here the evangelization and colonization of the entire peninsula began, spreading all along the California coast, leaving notable examples of mainly religious architecture.

In its walkable downtown, you can enjoy the colonial architecture of its buildings. La Casa De Piedra (The Stone House) stands out. It is 400 years old and has been a key point in the history of missions in Mexico. It is a wonderful museum that tells local history.

Northward to the Heart of the Peninsula

Located 224 miles north of La Paz (state capital), Loreto has been magical since its origin. But, in 2012 it was officially recognized as a Magical Town.

All of the above reinforces its noble rank among Mexican tourist destinations.

Under the Spell of
Baja California Sur

This municipality offers both relaxation and adventure, unique flavors, history, and especially, direct, constant contact with nature. On your return, as a souvenir of having enjoyed the best times, you will be left with some handicraft or perhaps a hand-embroidered garment.

For all this, Loreto is undoubtedly overflowing with magic. You just have to want to soak it all up.

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