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A break for love

Loreto inspires plans just for two. Romance guaranteed.


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There are places that seem to be especially designed for romance. The atmosphere, climate, food—everything comes together for couples to renew their vows or make a lifelong commitment.

Loreto, in Baja California Sur, is one of these spots. Whether you are into the stars, the sea, or the serenity of the desert, in Loreto a thousand and one ideas come together, setting the scene for more intense love. It’s more than picture-perfect, one-of-a-kind setting has something for every love story.

Treat yourself to a night with more than a thousand stars, camping in the surroundings of the Sierra de la Giganta mountain. Here, the sky seems to be within reach of your hands while the silence envelops everything in a loving embrace.

If sailing is your thing, there is nothing like embarking on an adventure on the calm waters of the Gulf of California while enjoying the best local cuisine. Wind up each day taking in the most spectacular sunsets.

The stillness of the sea is even more enjoyable from the boardwalk, where the vibrant local scene allows you to share some of its joie de vivre, colors, flavors, and aromas. It all makes this a piece of paradise.

And since love also means self-care, you should take advantage of the wide array offered by Loreto’s resorts and spas. Here you can not only pamper your body, but also let off stress and open your spirit to local delights. Obviously, this experience can always be enjoyed as a couple.

In addition, and we should always remember that the shortest way to the heart is through the stomach. The first-class products that grow in the region reach their fullest flavors in each of the dishes served on the local tables. They not only allow you to taste the best gastronomy of Baja but also will astound you with cuisine that fuses Loreto’s flavors with the stories of those who have come from all over the world to stay out of love for this place.

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